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Empowering you to achieve a healthier, happier life through personalized nutrition.

Embrace lasting habits and shine with confidence.


Hi! I’m Janna Weaver, owner and registered dietitian nutritionist.

As a teenager I made a decision to take control of my eating and physical activity habits. By the time I started high school I had lost over 75 pounds and decided I wanted to become a dietitian. In college, as I studied nutrition, I struggled with body image and disordered eating but overcame by learning to care for my body and change my thinking. Now as a busy professional with an active family I face new challenges that require me to keep meals simple and habits routine. Over the years I’ve learned many important lessons that have taught me how to find balance and maintain a healthy weight while still enjoying the foods I love.

Through my experience of working with clients and walking through my own weight loss journey, I have become an expert who can help you. My programs represent what’s worked for me: 

  • A flexible eating plan
  • Sustainable habits
  • Accountability

I want to teach you what I’ve learned so you can achieve your health goals, lose weight and be confident in your body!

The professional, licensed and vetted dietitians you can trust

Get to know our team of registered dietitians, each with their unique areas of expertise and passion for helping clients achieve their health goals. Head to the Our Dietitians page to learn more about our team.


Your Insurance May Cover Nutrition Visits
Did you know that many insurance companies serving people in Argyle TX cover nutrition counseling at no cost to you?

Insurance companies we are currently in-network with:

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Restoring health and hope.

At Radiant Nutrition, we believe in the power of nutrition to transform lives. We’re here to guide you on your journey to better health and a more fulfilling life. Our team of dedicated and experienced registered dietitians provides personalized nutrition counseling to help you reach your goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, manage a health condition, or cultivate a balanced life, we stand beside you at each step. 

Experience the Radiance of Personalized Nutrition:

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Discover excellence in nutrition care in Argyle Tx.

At Radiant Nutrition, our specialists go beyond expertise – they’re dedicated allies in your health journey. They hear you, see you and want to learn about you to better develop your customized plan. Benefit from the finest, with professionals truly invested in your radiant well-being.

To be the beacon of holistic wellness, where every individual feels seen, heard, and nurtured. Radiant Nutrition envisions a world where personalized care meets science, creating a radiant community of health-conscious individuals.


Empowering you to embrace your unique path to wellness. At Radiant Nutrition, our mission is to provide tailored solutions, top-tier education, and unwavering support, ensuring that every client feels empowered and cared for on their journey to optimal health.


"Radiate from Within." At Radiant Nutrition, we believe true radiance stems from internal wellness. Our motto emphasizes the importance of body, mind, and spirit cohesion, echoing our commitment to nurture you from the inside out.

What we offer

Embrace Your Next Best.

Individual Nutrition Counseling
Personalized nutrition counseling tailored to your unique needs.
Meal Planning
Specialized meal plans, aligning with your health goals for optimal well-being.
Virtual Appointments
In-person and online appointments available to meet your scheduling needs.
Family Sessions
Family-oriented nutrition sessions for shared health goals.
InBody Scan Testing
InBody testing to give you an in-depth look at your body composition.
Custom Nutrition Supplements
Nutrition supplement recommendations and custom formulations to enhance your wellness journey.
How it works

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How we see the world

...the profound impact of nutrition...

We envision a world where everyone understands the profound impact of nutrition on health and well-being.

Education & Awareness

Prioritizing nutritional education from early ages, ensuring everyone has access to knowledge about the importance of diet in overall health, and dispelling common dietary myths.

Accessible Nutritional Support

Making professional dietary advice and resources available to all, regardless of socioeconomic status, ensuring that everyone can make informed decisions about their nutritional health.

Holistic Health Integration

Recognizing nutrition as a cornerstone in holistic health practices, ensuring it's integrated into wider health and well-being discussions and strategies in communities globally.

A healthier choice for a healthier you.

Embrace the power of mindful decisions for your well-being. Our choices are more than just selections on a menu; they’re commitments to a vibrant, more energetic self. At Radiant Nutrition, we guide you towards those choices that not only nourish your body but also rejuvenate your spirit, ensuring every step you take is towards a brighter, healthier future. Choose wisely, choose health, choose radiance.


What They Say About Us

Step into the real-life journeys of individuals who’ve teamed up with Radiant Nutrition. They’ve celebrated big health wins and uncovered eye-opening food insights. Their stories highlight the significance of personalized nutrition and our steadfast commitment. See for yourself how Radiant Nutrition ignited positive change for them. Ready for your story to shine too?